How Your Provider Scheduling Software Can Benefit Your IT Team

Posted by Shift Admin on May 22, 2018 at 6:30 AM

You’ve decided to purchase web-based scheduling software that will save you – as physician scheduler – an incredible amount of time while ensuring that you produce fair schedules.

Your IT team, however, probably wonders what new software means for them. Is it something else they have to manage? Are they responsible for its upkeep?

The good news is that you can reassure them by explaining that a good scheduling software program not only benefits you and your healthcare facility’s providers, but their (IT) team, as well. In fact, the burden of managing another program is lifted from their shoulders.

Moreover, provider scheduling software benefits every department within the overall team, including payroll and human resources.

Benefits of Web-Based Scheduling Software

  1. Because scheduling software such as that provided by Shift Admin is web-based, an already busy IT team doesn’t have to manage it. There’s nothing to download and the software comes with a dedicated support team.
  2. Scheduling software saves the significant amount of time it would take to create a manual schedule. Everyone benefits from a schedule created quickly and efficiently.
  3. Time savings typically translates into monetary savings that benefit the entire facility. The scheduling administrator is freed from the onerous task of manual scheduling to pursue other projects and goals, while the IT team doesn’t have to devote extra time managing the software. A boost in productivity almost always means a boost in profits.
  4. Web-based scheduling software allows employees to access schedules remotely and at any time. That includes 24/7 access through their mobile devices.
  5. Scheduling software saves the scheduler time from compiling schedule requests sent via email, text, paper, etc. in that it keeps schedule requests in a centralized location.
  6. Web-based software helps ensure a smooth transition to a new scheduling system. While there is a transition, as schedulers get used to running new schedules and determining rules that make for a fair schedule, it’s usually brief and saves time and money in the long run.
  7. A quality scheduling software program allows for seamless integration with other software systems, as well as automation. Integration makes running reports, payroll, and time tracking much easier.
  8. Scheduling software is customizable, whereby all parameters are weighted (i.e. given a priority) based on the importance they are met over other parameters.
  9. Another advantage of scheduling software is that it keeps employee contact information easily accessible.
  10. A quality scheduling software is flexible enough to handle even the most complicated schedules.

Give your IT department a break by adding a easy-to-use web-based scheduling software that comes with its own dedicated support team.


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