Bridging the Gap of Professional Fields: Efficient Administrative Work in a Medical Facility

Posted by Shift Admin on September 25, 2018 at 7:58 AM

Group administrators are tasked with learning a great deal about the medical field, but there is always the potential to gain additional knowledge to improve the role and its daily tasks. In addition to creating the schedule, managing incoming patients, sorting paperwork, and running HR reports, you’re doing your best to keep up with providers and other groups to make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible.

Let’s take a look at the best way to bridge your administrative and medical tasks to help you work your best.

Focus on quality assurance

Having a guiding principle in your role can do great things to keep you motivated and work efficiently. Start with a goal of quality assurance in all you do. With every email, meeting, memo, and provider interaction, be guided by that goal. This not only keeps your administrative tasks more organized and manageable, but it helps your practice be as safe as possible.

Evaluate how you can improve the quality of the care your providers offer, and consider how this new goal can improve the efficiency (and safety) of your group as a whole. Aim to have this single change impact the way you approach all of the other areas of your role.

Learn the latest trends

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, not to mention it is highly competitive. To provide the best service to your department, it’s important to learn new medical trends, studies, and concerns. Talk with your providers about their specialities and pain points, then take time to research ways other groups have solved similar issues.

By reading hospital and industry-specific news sources, you can brief your team on innovative techniques that could benefit your group. This research will allow you to help your team be prepared for change and continually modernize your processes. Closely monitoring healthcare news can also ensure your group can stay compliant with federal laws.

Stay up to date with conferences

If you want to grow professionally, attend conferences related to your specialty or relative to hospital administration every year. These expos are a great way to stay up-to-date with innovative technologies, government policies, and medical practices that are shaping the future of the medical field. By attending even just one conference a year, you will be able to share these new ideas and technologies with your group and consider implementing new techniques.
As you aim to research and know the trends within hospital administration, ask your colleagues about what they’re learning from their specialized conferences, too. This dialogue can help your entire group benefit from new software platforms or innovative medical techniques on a regular basis.

Go automated

If you’re still creating schedules by hand, there isn’t a whole lot of time for many other tasks. How much time do you spend scheduling your providers to create a fully-staffed schedule, taking into account all the different schedule requests, only to have uncovered shifts? How many times have you created the schedule only to receive a last-minute swap in shifts, meaning you need to reprint or redistribute the schedule? How often do nurses and administrators contact the wrong physician because of an outdated schedule?

Your administrative workload would benefit from modernizing the complex scheduling processes in your job. Switch to smart, state-of-the art digital scheduling that creates a fully-staffed schedule for your group, each and every time.

Improve how you create schedules for your group. See how Shift Admin can help you create more efficient, optimized schedules, letting you focus on other pressing administrative tasks.

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